Miller Zoo

Player Count: 1 - 6
Minimum age: 8
Game Duration: 30 Min


Play the real Miller Zoo team as you work together to take care of your zoo’s animals

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Miller Zoo is THE cooperative family game where you play as the team in charge of running one of Canada’s most interesting zoos!

Your job is to work together to take care of your zoo’s animals, and to welcome new ones to their new home. Like a team, everyone plays together at the same time to overcome challenges, unexpected situations, and crises.

Play as the real Miller Zoo team and meet all the animal’s needs before the card stack is empty.
A game follows 4 steps in order: dawn, morning, afternoon, and evening.

● At dawn, each teammate draws a hand of 4 resource cards.
● In the morning, each teammate draws a need card and places problem tokens on the animals according to the cards.
● In the afternoon, all teammates are free to play their cards in any order.
● In the evening, the team will have to manage crises according to the problems that could not be solved during the afternoon.

The game contains 6 envelopes to discover, with new animals, new challenges to make the game evolve.


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Miller Zoo


Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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