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Player Count: 1 - 2
Minimum age: 12
Game Duration: 30 - 90 Min

Explore a magical island and become the first witch in over a century!



The once-famous island of Coven Cove hasn’t seen a real witch in over 100 years, until now. Be it a mistake, or fate, you have awakened your magic and are now bound to the island. While the cozy town is full of fascinating characters willing to help, none can undo this. You must venture out into the wilds to explore the ruins of what the witches left behind. Perhaps you’ll find answers, or maybe, you’ll discover being a witch isn’t so bad. You will find, however, danger around every corner, as the island keeps a dark secret.

Gameplay Overview

A grand adventure awaits you in this open-world style story-driven game. You’ll explore scenes full of details for you to interact with using the skills, items, and prompts you acquire. These interactions lead to entries in the massive storybook full of branching narratives, puzzles, and illustrated cut-scenes. As each day ends you’ll recover from your adventures but just as the moon changes, so does the world around you. As events unfold you will learn more about your journey.
Each and every decision you make matters.


Dark Doll Games


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